Wayne County Home Inspector Services

StepByStep provides a variety of home services, including the following:

Increase Marketability:

StepByStep Home Services LC can pre-inspect your home and provide you with a yard sign stating the home has been pre-inspected. Any potential defects can be brought to the sellers attention and repaired prior to the buyers inspection.
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Plumbing Help Articles:

Sump Pump Operation
Sump pumps are self-activating electrical pumps that protect homes from moisture intrusion and are very common in Southeastern Michigan homes. They are usually installed below basement or crawlspace floors to remove rising groundwater and surface runoff before it has a chance to seep into the home.
TPR Vales and Discharge Piping
TPR (temperature pressure relief) valves are safety devices installed on water heating appliances such as boilers and domestic water supply heaters. TPRs are designed to automatically release water in the event that pressure or temperature in the water tank exceeds safe levels.
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