Winterization & De-Winterization

This service will allow you to have a plumbing system inspection performed on your prospective property. Typically HUD stipulates that you can restore the utilities to complete the home inspection; however, HUD also stipulates that you are responsible for having the property de-winterized and winterized at your expense. This service is performed the same day as the inspection.


A pressure test is performed to ensure water can be safely introduced into the plumbing system. If the plumbing system is able to hold air pressure, water is turned on and valves are opened at toilets, sinks, and water heater.


A thorough and complete draining of the plumbing and heating system is performed. Then, non-toxic anti-freeze is added to all of the plumbing traps and fixtures. Toilets and sinks are tagged indicating winterization has taken place. This is performed to ensure plumbing supply lines and fixtures are not damaged by frozen water.



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