Structural Pest Inspection

Michigan termite / wood destroying insect inspection
Pest Inspections Metro Detroit - Termites | StepByStep Home Services - termite_damageCompleted to observe indications that may determine if there are structural pests or wood destroying organisms present.  VA, FHA, HUD and most banks require these reports because termites and wood destroying organisms can impact the structural integrity of a home, reduce the property value of the residence and cost homeowners significant amounts of money in repairs. The inspector follows a standard form required by the regulatory authorities for real estate transactions.

Pest Articles:

How To Prevent Termites
Although termites are more common in older homes, termite control can even be a problem in brand new homes. When builders clear trees from a site to build new homes, the termites can migrate to the wood stored on the site. A concrete slab or brick construction is no guarantee that termites will not eventually invade a home because termites can work their way up through the ground into minuscule cracks in the concrete
Ash Tree Enemy
Damage to Ash trees throughout the United States.
Bats in the attic
Bat guano can build up in attics and eaves that have been used by bats, and even if the human occupants of the building are not aware of the dung, they may be harmed by it.



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