Michigan Home Inspections

Our home inspections start with the exterior of the property and end in the attic and crawlspace, if applicable. The entire home is inspected including the plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, foundation, structure etc. We have several inspection options to help you purchase your Southeast Michigan home with confidence.
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Home Inspection Options:
  • Comprehensive Inspection with Thermal Scan and Wood Destroying Insect Inspection
  • Pre-Offer Walk Inspection
  • Rental / Security Deposit Inspection
  • Sellers Inspection
  • Home Warranty Inspection


Comprehensive Inspection with infrared camera scan

This comprehensive home inspection with thermal scan includes the use of a thermal camera to look for missing insulation and water intrusion. This is particularly useful for use in finished basements and areas where plumbing is not visible due to finished materials. 

Pre-Offer Walk Inspection

This inspection is performed once you narrow your search down to a few homes. I will attend the walk through with you and give my professional opinion on the condition of major components. This inspection does not include a written report nor does it substitute the actual inspection.

Rental or Security Deposit Inspection

Designed to help the property renter or owner to document the current condition of the home. A Basic Inspection is performed with additional photos taken of the walls ceiling and floor areas.

Pre-List Sellers Inspection

This program generates more confidence with potential home buyers, thereby generating more offers with less last minute hassles. 

Home Warranty Inspection

Completed just prior to your new home warranty is set to expire. Any issues discovered during this inspection can be brought to the builder's attention for correction.
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